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Plumbing maintenance

The importance of plumbing maintenance

The plumbing system in your home suffers a lot of stress throughout the year. If you haven’t checked the condition of your pipes, appliances, faucets and fixtures recently, you may be surprised sooner than you think. Why is proper plumbing maintenance so important? Read on for information on how to check.

Checklist for maintenance of the hydraulic system

One way to reject and prevent sudden problems with your plumbing system is to schedule professional maintenance once a year. This allows our technicians to thoroughly check for any signs of problems or to prevent the things that can turn into problems. However, if a professional checks your system only once a year, you would do well to check it yourself every few months or so. But what should you be looking for?

Storm drainage functionality

During this time of the year, we are at high risk of flooding from rain and hurricanes. Water damage in basements and driveways can be enormous and can have lasting consequences such as mould growth. Storm drainage systems, however, are a great deterrent against this. It helps to clear your property not only of water, but also of debris such as leaves, twigs, mud and even garbage that can wash up in a storm.


Speaking of drainage, how do drains work throughout the house? You shouldn’t allow slow drainage to remain so. If it is a single drain, then you may be dealing with a surface clog that the professional technicians we work with can help remove. But if multiple drains are affected, you may be observing a sewer line blockage, which needs to be inspected and fixed immediately to prevent further damage and unhygienic backups.

Status of the water heater

The water heater is at least 1 appliance in the house that is used 365 days a year. Therefore, you don’t want problems to go unnoticed. So, keep an eye out for problems like water pooling around its base and keep an eye out for sounds like rumble coming from the water storage tank – this indicates mineral build up which can affect efficiency and the effectiveness of your water heater.

External hydraulic conditions

It is safe to say that there is a lot of rain. That rain can cause a lot of debris to accumulate in gutters and storm drains. In addition to sprinter heads and external taps. Make sure you get rid of this debris on a regular basis and check to see if corrosion is occurring on any external plumbing. Corrosion on the outside means potential corrosion on the inside. Depending on the type of pipes in your home and their age.

If you notice corrosive pipes, do not hesitate to call the professionals we work with. One of our telephone operators will answer you at any time. Call today to get in touch with an experienced plumber in Sheffield.

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